Travel Agencies - Operations

Exploring the world at your doorstep

Program Overview

Gain an understanding of tourism development; characteristics and specific problems to the international aspects of tourism; and discuss latest trends, issues, and challenges with your teachers. Engage in field trips, guest-speaking events and group projects.  

Award: Certificate II, ASEAN Level 1 in Travel Agencies – Operations

Skills acquired by the end of the program:

  • Broad knowledge of diverse cultures and different behaviours
  • Communicate and interact with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Answer questions in foreign languages
  • Address and comply with clients’ requests in a professional manner 
  • Organizational skills to plan events and tours
  • Promote and sell products and services
  • Professional skills for booking, ticketing and tour operations

Careers: Across the dynamic travel and tourism industry; such as travel and transportation service providers, tour agency and operators, tourist offices, museums, theme parks, airlines and airports.