Food Production - Pâtisserie

Make baking your business

Program Overview

Learn the basics and fundamentals of baking and pastry. You will produce various baked goods including breads, cakes, croissants, pastries and tarts. You will learn how to work with chocolate, sugar and marzipan, and how to present finished products for events and buffet services. 

Awards: Certificate II, ASEAN Level 1 in Food Production – Pâtisserie

Skills acquired by the end of the program:

  • Broad knowledge of French and international pastries and bakery 
  • Ability to explain a recipe and prepare the ingredients for:
     Desserts, pastries, cakes, crêpes, meringues, chocolates, ice-cream
    Viennoiseries: croissants, chocolatines, assorted Danish pastries
    Breads: baguette, country breads, soft rolls, bread sticks
  • Test the quality of food and understand their relative costs
  • Understand how to order, receive and store perishables
  • Operate and maintain pastry & bakery equipment professionally 
  • Apply the rules of universal hygiene, health and workplace safety

Careers: In traditional and industrial bakeries, hotel kitchens, food catering companies, fine pastry shops, on cruise ships or you may wish to start a small business out of your home.